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This week we're back with 3 fresh beers! From our favorite Italian-style Pilsner, to a returning sour, to a new DIPA, we're hitting all the marks! See below for more details.


What’s it like in zero gravity? Are aliens real? In space can no one really hear you scream… about which hop variety is the best? (It’s Citra, duh!) At Brix, we don’t have all the answers BUT we do have juicy IPAs! Lunar Wilderness is a new 8% NE style DIPA brewed to explore how over-the-top we can go with hop flavor. Brewed with Excelsior HopSauce® on the hot side for enhanced flavor and aroma, we hit this new DIPA with a massive Double Dry Hopping of Cryo Pop®, Luminosa, Motueka, and an experimental hop variety called ID 158. The resulting beer pours a vibrant tangerine color with intense tropical notes reminiscent of peach gummy rings, lime daiquiris, grapefruit, guava, and freshly made mango lemonade. Take a sip & enjoy space cowboy!

Acid Blend Blood Orange Creamsicle is a riff on our tripped-out Kettle Sour series. With a 6.5% ABV, we hit this beer with a touch of Lactose for a sweet base. From there, this version of Acid Blend is conditioned on a heavy dose of citrusy Blood Orange Purée and creamy Vanilla. Pouring a saturated orange color, the liquid is lightly tart with notes reminiscent of candied orange slices, tangerine jam swirled between vanilla soft serve, and ripe red berries.

Ciao Bella is our take on the crushable Italian-style Pilsner. Checking in at 5.25% ABV, each sip is like a kiss of refreshment! Dry Hopped with Saphir, expect notes of light breadiness, hints of fresh herbs, citrus, and a distinct hoppy tang with medium-low bitterness and a crisp, dry, finish.

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