In 2010, co-founder Pete left the Army after serving in the infantry for four years, two of which were spent in Germany where he began to appreciate the many different styles of beer. Upon his honorable discharge, he was unsure of what he was going to do with his life. At the same time, fellow co-founder Joe was attending college as an accounting major while working part time, also unsure about what he would be doing in the future.
Joe and Pete had been friends since high school, both shared a passion for beer, and before they knew it, they had purchased their first home brew kit. This would become the beginning of Brix City Brewing. From then on most of their free time was spent brewing (and drinking) beer. Before long, the two had the idea that they could turn their hobby into a career and they began developing plans to open their own brewery.
Brix City Brewing is built on friendship and a passion for full flavored beers. While being known for our New England style IPA's, we produce a wide variety of beers: from Sours, to Pilsners to Stouts and everything in between.






M-W: 4PM to 9PM

Thu: 12PM to 9PM

F-S: 12PM to 10PM

Su: 12PM to 6PM


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Brix City Brewing Company | 4 Alsan Way, Little Ferry, NJ 07643 | 201-440-0865